Monday, 7 December 2020

Tavistock Response to COVID-19

Read and view Tavistock staff responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Laverne Antrobus talks on a variety of themes including dealing with lockdown and the impact on children:

Francesca Cardona introduces a webinar on the Tavistock model of consulting in a crisis:

Read Jocelyn Catty on lockdown and adolescent mental health:

Sarah Helps discusses doing remote systemic psychotherapy during a pandemic:

and participating in the Oxford vaccine trial:

Graham Music interviewed about working online with client groups and many other aspects of adaptation to C19:

Claire Shaw writes about wellbeing for staff working on the frontline:

Charlotte Williams on leading and containing in Higher Education during Covid-19

Jo Williams on the necessity of mindfulness in a time of crisis:

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

CORE - The world’s largest collection of open access research papers

CORE provides access to the world’s largest collection of open access research papers

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Monday, 10 June 2019

New Report on Open Access Monographs

Monographs have been a neglected area of Open Access publishing. Towards a Roadmap for Open Access Monographs is a recently published report looking at how this important format can be used to further open scholarship and research.

Read the report here:

Monday, 28 January 2019

SOJ Psychology

Click here for the latest issue: