Tuesday, 24 November 2015

2015 PhD Theses now available!

Read the latest research theses published by Tavistock and Portman students through Staff Publications Online.  Titles include:

The complex world of hide and seek: Investigations into the use and meaning of hide and seek play and how it is related to processes of change within a looked after boy engaged in psychoanalytic psychotherapy

That joke isn't funny anymore: Humour, jokes and their relationship to social work 

An exploration of a patient's use of her body within the transference relationship in intensive psychotherapy - towards allowing thoughts to become thinkable

The potential therapeutic value of therapist stuckness in systemic practice

Dissociative identities in childhood: An exploration of how children with dissociative identities may present in psychotherapy. Are there implications for psychoanalytic technique? 

Psychosocial concerns and individual anxieties for fathers with testicular cancer 

What can be learned from a single case of psychoanalytic infant observation?

Breaking down barriers: Developing an approach to include fathers in children’s social care

Autistic functioning and language development 

Crossing the threshold: An inquiry into the lived experience of Bangladeshi parents with young children; their worries and sources of support 

Follow the link to access full text: